Noun. Idiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its meaning has been forgotten. Derog.

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • pillock — (n.) 1530s, variant of pillicock (see COCK (Cf. cock) (n.1)). Meaning stupid person is attested by 1967 …   Etymology dictionary

  • pillock — ► NOUN Brit. informal ▪ a stupid person. ORIGIN from obsolete pillicock «penis» …   English terms dictionary

  • pillock — [[t]pɪ̱lək[/t]] pillocks N COUNT (disapproval) If you call someone a pillock, you are showing that you think they are very stupid. [BRIT, INFORMAL] The guy you put in charge is a complete pillock. Syn: idiot …   English dictionary

  • pillock — UK [ˈpɪlək] / US noun [countable] Word forms pillock : singular pillock plural pillocks British offensive a stupid man …   English dictionary

  • pillock — Mild insult an idiot in the nicest possible way When a friend says or does something stuid, you pillock is a gentle rebuke …   Dictionary of american slang

  • pillock — /ˈpɪlək/ (say piluhk) noun British Colloquial a foolish or irritating person. {Scottish pillock the penis, variant of pillicock, related to cock1} …   Australian English dictionary

  • Pillock — …   Wikipedia

  • pillock — noun a stupid or annoying person; simpleton; fool. Syn: wazzock …   Wiktionary

  • pillock — pil|lock [ˈpılək] n BrE informal a very stupid person …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • pillock — n British a foolish or stupid, annoying person. A vulgar but not taboo term of abuse which had existed in British slang usage since the 1950s (its exact date of origin is undetermined), coming into vogue in the mid 1970s. Various etymologies have …   Contemporary slang

  • pillock — noun Brit. informal a stupid person. Origin C16: var. of archaic pillicock penis …   English new terms dictionary

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